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Tuesday, May 12th, 2009
11:38 am
Saturday, June 7th, 2008
10:11 pm
Things for us to do this summer
First: Brendan schedule:

Evenings free June 15th until July 12th

Then Charlotte's Web until August 10th

Then evenings free again.

Weekday Daytimes free except 3 weeks of teaching beginning July 1st

Things to do with that time:

Practice Violin 1 hour each day no matter what.
Physical training: start with 2 hours of swimming each free daytime, 20 minutes of bicycling each busy daytime. Work up to 1 hour of running each day. as many Sit-ups and Push ups as possible in 2 15 minute work-outs per day, Stretching for 15 minutes before and after, researching stretching exercises... find a weekly yoga class
Total time: average 2 hours of physically strenuous activity per day. goal: build muscles for acrobatics and endurance. 100 pushups and situps, lose 24 lbs by summer's end (8lbs/month).
Sit down and write for 30 minutes every day, hopefully working on busking routine, but if not, no matter.
Practice Juggling 30 minutes each day. challenge self with new tricks. goals for end of summer: 3pins, 5 balls, 3 "tricks". meet weekly with other jugglers for 2 hours

4 hours everyday, some days of 8 hours

Things we need to research and do:
a dance class: outdoor tap? contact improv, ballet and jazz... and every night add juggling in, too.
class budget for the summer: $500?
go to the storytelling meetings. find other "story tellers", memorize stories
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